FOXTROT:  The Foxtrot is one of the easiest dances to learn and most popular social. The foxtrot is the foundation dance of many of the other dances. The foxtrot is a smooth dance which travels around the floor in a counter clock wise pattern. 

WALTZ: The Waltz is danced in timing. The waltz has a graceful fall and rise movement. The waltz, like foxtrot travels around the floor in a counter clock wise pattern. 

CHA CHA: The Cha Cha is a syncopated latin dance which gets it personality, character, rhythm and charm from the music of Mambo and it is a relative of the swing since it is danced to a 1-2-3 music. 

RUMBA: The Rumba is known as the dance of love, the rumba is a slow sultry, Latin dance with the hip motion knows as Cuban motion. The rumba along with Bolero is one of the slowest Latin dances which makes it the first Latin dance which be learned. 

BOLERO: The Bolero is danced in 4/4 timing, is a very slow type of Rumba timing. 

TANGO: Tango is a progressive dance that moves along the line of dance. A staccato movement of feet and flexed knees gives this dance its unique personality.

SAMBA: The style of Samba is a steady, smooth bounce in 2/4 timing. The Samba moves around the dance floor in line of dance.

 MAMBO: The Mambo is a fast sexy Latin spot dance. The Mambo patterns are danced with the body quite close, this give it the sexy look and personality.

 EAST COAST SWING: The East Coast swing is also referred to as Triple Time swing due to the rhythm of the patterns. This Six and eight count dance is mostly a spot dance and has a slight bounce and a rock back step. The East Coast swing is the base for all the other swing dances.

WEST COAST SWING: This dance is a six and eight count dance done in a slot on the dance floor.  The women does not have a rock back in this dance as she does in East Coast swing instead she walks forward on the first or one count. There is no bounce in this dance which makes it a smooth swing style dance. 

SINGLE TIME SWING: This is the best swing dance for beginners. Single Time swing dose not have the triple step and is danced to very fast swing music.

JIVE: The Jive is the European version of East Coast swing and is danced to a slightly fast tempo. The Jive has six and eight count patterns but is bouncy with sharp kicks and a flick motion. The Jive is meant for competitive style dancing.

 SALSA: The structure of Salsa is largely associated with Mambo. Salsa is mostly danced on the first or one beat where as mambo is started on the two or second beat. Salsa is also a hot, sexy, sultry dance.                                                                                                                                                                   

 NIGHT CLUB TWO STEP: The Night Club two step is not the same dance as the Country Two step. The rhythm of the Night Club Two step is a 1 & 2 count and rarely changes. This simple romantic dance fills a gap that no other ballroom dance fits. It gives the beginner and advanced dancers the opportunity to be creative. This is a must for all dancers learn.

 ARGENTINE TANGO: The Argentine Tango is a beautiful social dance. It is truly the dance that teaches the leading and following more than another social dance. This tango has a unique form or leg and foot action. This is also the tango that can be danced of a smaller floor and to slower music.

 HUSTLE: The Hustle is from the swing family. The Hustle is danced to contemporary pop music. It is fast, smooth with the lady spinning almost constantly.