What Students Say About House Of Dance


"Patricia is a fabulous dance instructor. She understands how to break it down for step
by  step learning, and how to customize her teaching strategies for individual clients.
She is very patient and presents in multiple ways to reach all students."


         Great space for dance. Wonderful teacher. Will return for more!!


         I loved the intro to Zumba! Really fun instructor who can really move the hips! I'll be back , Thanks


         Love it! Great floor and great instructors. Iím a regular now.



Good morning!

Yesterday's $5 dance day was a blast!  (*I was wiped when I got home -- soooo worth every minute tho) I enjoyed Waltz,
Salsa (that was a bit of a 'kick b_ _ _" class!), Swing, Rumba, and Foxtrot.  Eager to be at the Friday dances to practice -- appreciated also that Linda filled in as a leader. Thanks Linda .)  Fun way to meet new people, also -- hopefully familiar faces
now to see on Friday nights.  
YES YES YES please have more classes with Ron.   He is such fun to take lessons from: the details, the kindness he expresses as he teaches (we had a little girl in our class for Swing and the way he honored her was beautiful); soft-spoken yet commanding presence;  "lead with your heart" -- what a marvelous concept. I have great respect for Ron. I know yesterday was a lot of work,
and I share great appreciation for all you do.
Thank you   ~~  Cynthia 

Dear Friends at House of Dance:

I wish that I didnít have to move so far away but before I leave Ventura I wanted to express
my thoughts with all of you.
I will miss your smiling faces, patient ways and colorful personalities.I will miss the amazing dance floor,
open space and fun that Patriciaís studio provided on a regular basis. I was so spoiled at House of Dance
that no other dance studio will satisfy my need for quality dance instruction, friendly people, great location
and a beautifully designed dance space with plenty of space to spread out (unlike most ďaverageĒ places
out there). House of Dance is tops.
I will stop by and have a dance when I come back to visit.
Smiles and happy dancing to all.

If someone would have told me that I was going to take Ballroom dance lessons,
fall completely in love with the sport, and continue to have it become a large
part of my life, I would never have believed it.  But that's exactly what has happened!

I have met so many wonderful people and have found that as a rule, dancers are very
happy people.  The dancefloor is my stress relief and my place of solace, and as Patricia
says in her classes "the dance floor is my best friend!" 

Thank you Patricia for giving us a beautiful, safe, comfortable place to socialize and
practice what we have learned.  Thanks also to you and Ron for your guidance, patience,
and friendship.  Your efforts are always most appreciated.


I stumbled in with a dream, couldn't court, couldn't find the beat but with a dream,
Slow, quick, quick, slow quick, quick slow. Heel, toe, toe, heel, frame, strong arm, 
Slowly through the mist the dream began to come true. Still early but looking forward 
to dancing more everyday.

Thank you so much for opening our world to you and your world to us.

To one who has worked... strived... believed... endeavored... achieved... hoped... 
imagined... dreamed... and succeeded.
~Fredda and Dan~

It is my pleasure to be apart of House of Dance and really enjoy the fun.

A big thank you to both of you, Lil and Patricia, for making such a wonderful cruise possible.
It was a blast - so fun to be with all the group, have special dance lessons, and being around
people who love to dance!   Everything was great - again, thanks so much!
~Mariaemma & Ron~

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